The Democratic Debate or unicorns and rainbows unite

I forced myself to watch the Democratic debate the other night. Yes, it was quite painful and embarrassing. First off, Hillary Clinton continued to say one thing while having done another. The one gaffe that even the left leaning media noticed was her pronouncement that the TPP agreement wasn’t the gold standard anymore, the same agreement multiple times she said was. She was all for the TPP agreement before she was against it well… Humm..

Bernie Sanders is at least fun to watch. He’s full of hot air but still fun. He continually references the Nordic countries and governments to emulate but doesn’t seem to realize all of the changes that have taken place in the last few years. They found the socialist ways are hard to maintain and people don’t work when the government pays their way. In other words Bernie is all about spending, spending, spending with no way in hell to pay for it all.

O’Malley. Umm, Baltimore. Nothing more need be said.

Grandpa Munster, eh, I mean Lincoln Chafee, Hey his dad just died and he was brand new and he….done. Oh wait I’ve never had a scandal. Ok, that is something in the democrat party.

Jim Webb was the only normal American on the stage and while I may disagree with some of his positions he came across as a knowledgeable and decent guy. Most of the time he had a look on his face while listening to the other candidates that said, “You guys are freaking loons.” So, he hasn’t got a chance in hell in that party. Jim come back home. The Democrat party you think you belong to is long gone.

They all promised more than they could possibly pay for or pass but no worries. In the Democrat world of unicorns and lollipops I guess that’s ok. Their constituents certainly won’t notice.

Hillary is the leader and most likely the candidate of choice. That’s provided she’s not in jail by the time the election rolls around. If she contradicts the President too many more times she may here that knock on her door sooner.


5 thoughts on “The Democratic Debate or unicorns and rainbows unite

  1. “I went to Wall St and told them to stop foreclosing on people” Really? You drive on down there? Who’d you talk to? You’re an idiot, Ms Clinton. She tap danced better than Gregory Hines in the 70’s. If that’s the best that the left can do, God help them.

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