A failed foreign policy


“Two years ago in Cairo, I began to broaden our engagement based upon mutual interests and mutual respect. I believed then -– and I believe now -– that we have a stake not just in the stability of nations, but in the self-determination of individuals. The status quo is not sustainable. Societies held together by fear and repression may offer the illusion of stability for a time, but they are built upon fault lines that will eventually tear asunder.”

These were the words of President Obama four years ago. This was the concept of his Middle Eastern and North Africa foreign policy. How has that worked out under this Presidents leadership?

Iraq, which the US, had stabilized to some extent, is now in utter chaos, The fight in Iraq is now between ISIS and Iran. I say Iran because effectively that’s who is controlling Iraq more and more these days. Our involvement has effectively handed Iran the victory over Iraq they fought long and hard for yet could not achieve on their own.

Since most of the US troops have left Iraq the assault by ISIS has been swift and damning. The few US troops left behind, have been given no authority or ability to fight the onslaught and must watch the weak-willed, Iraqi military fail in every attempt to contain and destroy ISIS.

Iran has been able to negotiate their way to not only potential Nuclear weapons but over 100 billion dollars to fund their continued terrorist activities. Our crack negotiating team with the illustrious Secretary of State, John Kerry couldn’t find a demand he didn’t want to cave in to.

This administration presided over the killing of Libya’s Muammar Gadhafi (Qaddafi, Kaddafi, Gaddafi), only to have no plan to contain the disarray that followed. Now ISIS has also taken root in this country. Pro-democracy forces were not properly supported and now Libya is a complete mess.

Syria, sports some shiny new planes as Russia fills the vacuum the US and other forces have created in this once brutal but relatively stable country. Once again the desire to remove a dictator without any real plan has left the US looking extremely weak and powerless. Russia and their leader Vladimir Putin are the strong horse here. Syria’s leader Bashar Assad will, not doubt, be able, with Russian support, beat back the Syrian rebels all the while claiming to lead the fight against ISIS. The lack of a coherent plan and Europe’s suicidal mentality have now created an illegal immigration disaster that Europe hasn’t  seen since the second world war. While, President Obama can’t be blamed for European insanity, his policy’s have pushed the crises along.

In Afghanistan, we continue to act as if we have completed the mission, only to find the Taliban resurgent and Al Qaeda and ISIS using it as a playground. The country isn’t safe or truly democratic.

This is just the tip of the foreign policy debacle this administration has led. It’s not that previous administrations haven’t screwed up, it’s that they never had the complete collapse we see today of a blind foreign policy. It’s either complete incompetence or a terrible alternative.


4 thoughts on “A failed foreign policy

  1. only to have no plan to contain the disarray that followed. Now ISIS has also taken root in this country. Pro-democracy forces were not properly supported and now Libya is a complete mess.

    They did have a plan. ISIL occupying the country was their plan.

    Pro democracy forces were not “properly supported” because ISIL is not pro democracy.

    And Libya is a mess because becoming an ally of the United States tends to get you that reward sooner or later.

  2. As for alternative vs incompetence, if one looks at Stalin and Hitler, were they competent or evil?

    That is the wrong question, because it’s a corrupted question. They can be both, they can be neither or either or whatever. It doesn’t matter, there’s no binary set there.

    My standard is always:



    If it is intentional, then evil is potentially there, and must be eradicated using fire and ruthless violence, force, extermination, and purges.

    If it is unintentional, then merely misguided notions can be educated back with some tips, advice, and knowledge.

  3. JB, it may be similar to the if then scenarios developed by people who have to use defense techniques against violence.

    Frontsight’s yellow code alert system, running to orange, red, and black.

    For example, if I am in a car and I want to know if the car behind me is following me, what do I do?

    I give them a test to see if they are intentionally following me or just unintentionally behind me all the time. I make 4 left turns, with a what if back scenario in mind if the car behind me also makes 4 left turns.

    There’s no point asking if the other guy knows A or B, or whether they are competent or incompetent. Because that has almost no effect on the counter measures. What the user needs to know is if the threat is to be downgraded or upgraded, and whether the situation requires orange, red, or black measures.

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