Who is in charge here? Afghan hospital attack

When I first heard of the Air attack on the Doctors Without Borders (DWB) hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, my first thoughts were, we don’t make mistakes quite like that.  What I mean is that we don’t mistakenly bomb the same target repeatedly.  So, the question then was why did we bomb the hospital?  Had the Taliban taken over?  Where US forces underfire from the hospital? DWB says, no.  The Taliban weren’t there at that time. The US has some pretty restrictive rules on attacking hospitals and religious sites.

Remember, we have at times (not sure if these rules are still in effect) not allowed our soldiers to fire at buildings if there was even a remote chance of civilians located inside. So, how could this happen?

The AP is reporting that US Military officials say it was the Afghan Military calling in the air strikes.

It appears in our inept attempt to push the war to the Afghan Government (Iraq, Syria) we are relying on non-US or ISAF allies to call in air strikes.  Didn’t anyone think this might not be a good idea?  We have in the recent past had incidents where one rival warlord, Sheik, Muktar, gave bad information on the whereabouts of insurgent forces just to assault another rival. Have we forgotten that local forces are not always working in the same interests are US forces? They also don’t have the same qualms about killing innocent people.

I also wonder, what lower ranking US military officer will take the blame for this and have his career ruined because they followed a piss poor policy.

Our leaders either don’t understand the culture and people we are dealing with or they do and this is just part of the plan.  Either way doesn’t bode well for US foreign policy, which is a complete goat rope.

Remember this incident when someone says we can support non-US/NATO/ISAF ground forces from the air without “OUR” boots on the ground.


3 thoughts on “Who is in charge here? Afghan hospital attack

  1. There were some rumors that Biden took over Iraq policy after Clinton. So maybe Biden’s in charge of Afghanistan too, the Shadow Presidency of Czars and invisible bureaucrats.

  2. And I say Shadow not because it requires a conspiracy because a lazy bum like Hussein playing golf ain’t going to be microing wars as much as a Johnson would have.

  3. Diversity Casey during 2004 Iraq campaign, had the same tactical and strategic incompetence. He relied overly much on having an Iraqi face, to the point where he was disarming the Sunni militias and that allowed AQ to take over Al Anbar, which led to Fallujah I in 2005 if I recall correctly, which led to the Al Anbar Awakening under Petraeus.

    These Diversity Generals always talk the talk about training locals up and having them fight, but the reality is that they have no idea how other cultures think or behave, nor do they have sufficient military discipline to transfer any of that over to the locals. For example, look at Diversity Casey’s response to Ft. Hood 1. No wonder the Iraqi locals went over to AQ and ditched any US forces nearby, if Casey was who they would have to trust.

    For the most part, their promotions and careers are reliant on Pentagon bureaucracy and Democrat leverage, not military genius or competence.

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