Invaders not migrants

We continue to hear the word “migrant”, as if a group of farm workers are crossing Turkey to Greece then up to Hungry on their way to Germany. They are not “migrants”, they are invaders. Seeking to use the western laws against the west. It’s an amazing tactic and it’s working. As the western world has continually elected mealy mouth, don’t upset the worlds downtrodden types, downtrodden by their own hand I may add, the middle east and some others have planned a brilliant assault on democracy and western values. It won’t be long before the west is completely overrun and helpless. Unfortunately the new leaders once they gain power won’t be nearly as understanding to the new minority.


Remember, you can’t oppose this assault or you’re a heartless racist bigot. For the Germans, any opposition to this invasion you will be labeled “NAZI”. Sorry about that safety net you worked for Oma, we need to give that the poor invaders.

One must wonder, why have no “migrants”, been taken in by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, and Bahrain? Why haven’t refugee camps being stood up on the borders of Syria or Iraq to house and help refugees? If that were what this was really about. I’m not a conspiracy guy by nature but someone is paying and organizing this mass movement to head to Germany.

The same polices that have allowed and created the crisis in Europe, are the policies we are practicing right here in the US. Open borders was not a good idea for the EU and is not a good idea for any sovereign nation.

Who will pay for all of this? In Europe as in the US, the middle class workers who can’t afford to quit, can’t afford to protest and continue to pay the highest in taxes. Remember there are no loopholes for the middle class.

As Mr. Rhys-Davies stated not long ago, It’s not just on the Islamic Extremism, we’ve lost our moral compass on just about everything.

Coming to Europe soon.



One thought on “Invaders not migrants

  1. Every time I watch the Byzantine Empire get taken over via numerous raids where the population is eradicated and then Islam comes in with the sword and forcibly converts everyone, I wonder.

    I wonder if I’m stuck in the past or if the people in the world are in the past. Because such events remind me or are merely the same duplicates of, the historical tactics I’ve studied and seen simulated in history.

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