Hillary’s aid won’t talk.

Former Hillary aid has informed three congressional committees he will plead the 5th if called to testify in the ongoing email scandal. He is completely in his right to do so. This continues to look bad for Hillary though. At the same time 57 more threads in her email point to “born” classified information being passed.

I have no doubt that if the DOJ wanted to prosecute or if the decide in the future there is plenty of evidence to go forward. This is important whatever the administration decides to do as it will set an internal precedent on how classified information is handled.

Intelligence agencies might find it harder to share with the state department. That would be unfortunate; at least to a competent State Department should we ever get to that point again.


3 thoughts on “Hillary’s aid won’t talk.

  1. State has been sabotaging wars of liberation for quite some time now. I always said that they don’t want to liberate people since it gives the Americans back at home weird ideas given their circumstance.

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