Taliban take Kunduz, naturally!

Taliban capture major city in Afghanistan, free hundreds of prisoners

DEVELOPING: Afghanistan said Monday that the Taliban have captured the northern city of Kunduz after a series of battles with government forces, marking the first time the insurgents have seized a major urban area since the U.S.-led invasion in 2001.

Taliban-KunduzJust a few years ago Kunduz was pretty quiet. What fighting there was, took place in the south. Luckily our crack foreign policy team and military leaders have created a nice little vacuum in AFG, IRQ, and well hell, nearly everywhere.

Europe has been invaded and the President is worried about climate change and transgender opportunities in the military.

I wonder what our grandchildren will think when they look back at this time in history. Actually, I wonder if they’ll be allowed to think or speak.

It’s a cultural thing, you wouldn’t understand….

A culture of rape and sexual abuse is being allowed to take hold in asylum centres across Germany as Europe struggles to cope with the migrant crisis, it has been alleged,

Women’s rights groups and politicians have highlighted assaults against women and children in at least one camp.”

Is this a surprise to you? If so, then you need to get out or read more. This is a cultural issue the West doesn’t understand. They will soon though.

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EU on the brink? Again?

Donald Tusk

THE European Union has lost control of its borders and risks total collapse if they are not sealed, a senior Brussels diplomat has warned.

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, warned the EU was now facing a “critical point” and that the migrant crisis hadn’t even reached its peak.

As he chaired an emergency meeting of EU leaders in Brussels last night Mr Tusk painted a bleak picture of the EU’s future, saying the 28-member bloc was on the verge of breakdown with “recriminations and misunderstanding” pitting nations against one another.

The future of free movement was at stake, he said, as the continent had lost control of its borders as well as a “sense of order”…

…He appeared to lay much of the blame with Germany, accusing Chancellor Angela Merkel of exacerbating the problem by sending the signal to desperate Syrians fleeing their war-torn homeland that Germany had no limit on the number of migrants it would accept.


It is amazing the stupidity at which the German government has acted on this issue. In the name of political correctness (Multi-Culti), Germany and the EU have created one of the largest immigration and security crises that the EU may face. In fact it may change if not bring the EU down.merkel

Already there are reports of normal hard working Germans being displaced by their own government to appease the invaders (sorry their not refugees). Crime by immigrants is up and so are clashes with officials trying to help them. You’ll note, if you follow European news sites, that much like the US media, when crime is committed by a “protected” group, there is little information on the criminal.

What was Angela Merkel thinking?

Ultra Swank great site for the retro

I found this site a few days ago.  I love the images here.  If your into retro design or really anything from the recent past it’s pretty “cool”.

Ultra Swank - Relive the past as if it were today!

There are many articles on design, architecture, style, furniture, and Kitsch.  Below are some examples of images that form the articles.

Stylish Mid-Century Hotels & MotelsStylish Mid-Century Hotels & Motels

This image is from an article on

The American Dream of the 1940s & 1950s
The American Dream of the 1940s & 1950s

And example of something I found there I want. This Philco PC comes from the Schultzework.com, another “cool” site.

The Philco PC

Just finished reading Truth or Die by James Patterson and Howard Roughan

A repotruthordierter is killed while meeting a source, her former Assistant District Attorney boy friend is left sorting out what happened.  Meeting the source, the boy friend finds himself running from a certain government agency with a young genius.

The story involves high government officials, corruption, secret interrogations and plenty of shooting and running.

In other words it’s a pretty typical bad CIA, story.  With that said, it’s fast-paced and pretty fun to read.  This isn’t great literature, but is good beach side, pool-side, or killing time material.

Fun and fast.

Ahmeds clock, what went wrong?

We’ve all heard of Ahmed the clock making kid.  The narrative goes, a young non-white man, builds a simple clock and everyone at his school assumes because of the color of his skin it’s a bomb.  He is arrested and treated like a third class citizen.  Oh the evil of it all.

clockThe reality is a bit different.  Ahmed, did in fact build a clock, a pretty cool clock actually.  Did it look like a bomb?  Well if you watch any movies these days, don’t they use briefcase with a circuit boards and a digital screens?  Granted without some sort of explosive it’s not a bomb.  I spent a number of years dealing with explosive materials in the military so I might not be excused for overreacting here, but a teacher?  The teacher probably did their job and brought it to the attention of the authorities.  What else could they do, not knowing what it was?  Granted it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out this was just a clock. Strike one for the teacher.

The real tragedy here was when the police were called, why did this issue go any farther than taking a quick look and  being a bit embarrassed?  Why the police actually cuffed and took the young man in for questioning is beyond me.  That’s a strike against the cop.

Where this went wrong was when it was realized that this was only a clock.  Why any further action was taken is not exactly a mystery.  The left has created this zero tolerance overacting school system.  To go past checking the clock was just idiotic, not racist.  Is this any different from the hundreds of times kids get in trouble at school for silly, rules? It seems schools are where the least amount of thinking by adults takes place these days.

Was it Islamaphobia?  I don’t think so; it was schools and police that can’t use critical thinking skills out of fear that any mistake they make will be used against them. This has been a result of 40 + years of liberal leftist attacks on schools, school children and parents.

Update:  There appears to be some question if Ahmed actually built the clock or just bought one and took it apart. A bit of a difference in the coolness but not much in the reaction.