Research is not always easy.

A very important TED talk by former CBS Journalist Sharyl Attkisson.  Sharyl, describes how paid corporate entities influence much of the media reports and she shows how difficult research can be.


5 thoughts on “Research is not always easy.

  1. It’s really not that hard to manipulate airheads, incompetent drooling idiots, media personas with an ego the size of the Egyptian pyramids, and arrogant fanatics of the Leftist religious death cult.

    It’s really not.

  2. This has been true for generations. But much bigger problem is that too many individuals do not analyze what they are told. This lack of inquiry and sharp intellect is the root cause.

    Another problem is insufficient curiosity; not being open to new possibilities and new ways of thinking and understanding.

  3. Anan, good point. In fact, many people research with a pre-determined result already in mind and only look toward research to reaffirm their thoughts.

  4. JB, I call that a cargo cult or the cult of science, like Gaia fanatics, producing pre-determined results from experiments and research is what they are.

    As for me, I’ve been like this for some years now, I try to ignore certain events though because my response is not considered sociable. These days, of course, I can’t ignore them if I chose to, because everyone keeps mentioning them to me, as if I didn’t know about them or predict them 7 years ago.

    I’d have to go on a martial journey or sabbatical to the mountains or something, to get them out of the com waves. Even then, they’ll be coming for us, as they bring in foreign invaders to serve as their rape and death squads, so mountains might not even be secluded any more.

    It’s just something I’ve gotten used to over the last 7 years. Might as well making cutting and funny remarks about it.

    As for independent judgment, that question has plagued me over the last decade or so. Why do people obey evil orders? Why do people obey Authority even though they know it is wrong? Why do humans shut off their will and become slaves of the system when social pressure and external pressure is brought against them?

    That’s the link about the serial killer theme on Jack the Ripper. But for answers on the questions, here’s the other stuff I wrote about it.

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