First Women Ranger School Graduates – Congratulations


Today, the first two women graduated from the US ARMY’s Ranger school. First thing I want to say is congratulations to the two women and all of the newly tabbed Rangers. I don’t care how you look at this issue of women in the military; they performed and completed the course. There will be naysayers on all sides of this issue but no matter, this was still an accomplishment. While I don’t believe in opening all units to women or men for that matter, I have no problem with women in combat. I’ve said before there are plenty of combat jobs that can be filled by women. In fact I believe there are positions that are better suited for women warriors.

Regardless of my thoughts on what units should or shouldn’t have women, until they prove otherwise, these are two very exceptional people.


First Lt. Shaye Haver                                               Capt. Kristen Griest


2 Responses to “First Women Ranger School Graduates – Congratulations”

  1. robakers Says:

    I would prefer to not meet them in a dark alley. They done real good and proudly wear the Ranger Tab because they earned it.


  2. chilihntr Says:

    They could have been peered out at any time, yet their fellow Soldiers did not do so. Nuff said.

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