Hunting who started this trend?

There is an unusual amount of outrage at the hunters that killed a couple of lions and now a woman that killed a Giraffe.

Could this be a distraction?

Well of course not, I mean it’s obvious this new concept of trophy hunting is simply not acceptable. I mean there is no precedent for such an activity. Before a couple of weeks ago trophy hunting was unheard of. It simply wasn’t done. I mean it couldn’t have been going on for years or the social justice warriors would have let us know. The outraged media would have been all over this. Nope, it must be a brand new atrocity.

Now that planned parenthood thing. That’s way overblown and luckily the media knows it and has taken the appropriate measures to ensure it doesn’t get any extra coverage.

There is also some kind of email issue going on but it’s probably not important.


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