Allen West on Iran deal




4 thoughts on “Allen West on Iran deal


    Hope to watch the above video soon. The civilian government has a very different view than the deranged senile psychotic bipolar Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Khamenei, may peace be upon him.

    This deal is about empowering the Iranian majority and the Iranian greens (some of whom serve in the current civilian government . . . which is a mix of hardliners and greens) over time. If it fails at this, then the deal has failed.

    What is Allen West’s strategy to defeat the Takfiri extreme militants (ISIS, AQ, Taliban, their many allies)?

    There is a reason that Pres Obama’s trip to Kenya is the most dangerous presidential trip ever. AQ/ISIS have conducted scores of terrorist attacks against Kenya recently, including several huge ones. They are committed to conquering and ruling Kenya (a 90% nonmuslim country), and the African continent and the rest of the world for that matter.

    Over a hundred countries are at war with the ISIS/AQ/Taliban/et all groupies. However, there is little coordination and lots of stepping over each other’s toes. This serves ISIS/AQ/etc.

    This nuclear deal . . . if it succeeds . . . is a massive blow to ISIS/AQ/Taliban and friends. The Iranian public is likely to pressure to government to make sure the nuclear deal is implemented.

    The nuclear deal is extremely popular among the Iranian people. Just as the supreme leader, Sayyed Khamenei, is not popular.

  2. This nuclear deal . . . if it succeeds . . . is a massive blow to ISIS/AQ/Taliban and friends.

    That’s like saying the Democrat war in Syria and Libya was a massive defeat for AQ.

  3. ymarsaker, this is a massive defeat for ISIS/AQ/Taliban if the deal succeeds. This is far from a sure thing.

    The Iranian greens want a grand bargain on everything with the US and international community. Let us see if this future materializes.

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