This is what reality looks like with regard to Iraq

An excellent article over at bagdadi

Andrew Bostom tells the realities of the Iraq war not based on the GOP or the DEM rhetoric but how things really happened.

The successful post-World War II paradigm of neutralizing Japan’s bellicose, religio-political creed of Shintoism has been turned on its head with regard to Islam and the theocratic Islamic legal code Sharia, which is imbued with jihad and completely antithetical to modern human rights constructs.

Despite the proven, concrete success of the post-World War II reforms in Japan, past intellectual honesty on Shinto was replaced by craven, politically correct ignorance on Islam in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead, as championed by a callow American pseudo-scholastic apologist for Islam’s Sharia, who evangelized for “Islamic Democracy,” Sharia-compliant Iraqi and Afghan constitutions were crafted (and of course extolled by this same “scholar,” here and here)…

…Pew survey results reported in 2013 have confirmed the abject failure of the U.S.-midwifed Iraqi and Afghan “democracies” to fulfill the utopian aspirations of the Bernard Lewis doctrine. The negative prognostications, epitomized by my colleague Diana West’s evocative description “Making the world safe for Sharia,” have instead been realized…


Check it out. Andrew states very closely to what I’ve thought and said here better and with quotes and facts. Your own conclusion may not be the same but knowing what has really transpired in Iraq and to a great extent in Afghanistan is important when discussing the wars or listening to pundits and politicians go on about the wars and decisions.


2 thoughts on “This is what reality looks like with regard to Iraq

  1. Y, I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with some of your points. I understand the idea that they are mostly killing each other and yes a lot were being killed during the war. But we never went far enough to actually win. But did that make the world safer?

    By destabilizing the area with no coherent plan, or rather a pipe dream of democracy as we know it, we have embolden many who would not have chosen the Jihad path. Many will have no choice. They see themselves as winners despite losing so many people.

    That said I always encourage taking the facts and making decisions based on what we know, as best we can.

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