We are doomed.

DENVER — Colorado’s only-in-the-nation ban on backyard rain barrels is sticking around for another year.

The state Senate moved Tuesday to reject a bill to allow homeowners to use up to two 55-gallon rain barrels. The maneuver was a late-evening vote to delay the bill, meaning it won’t make it to the governor’s desk before lawmakers conclude work for the year.

The state House previously passed the bill, and it had bipartisan support in the Senate, too. But other Republicans opposed the measure as a dangerous precedent.

Colorado’s rain-barrel ban is little known and widely flouted. But the barrels violate Colorado water law, which says that people can use but not keep water that runs on or through their property.

“A dangerous precedent”, did you get that part. It’s dangerous if you, not the government use rainwater that falls in your yard. Wait, you can use it but not keep it. What?

I remember reading more about the rain water issue a while back. It seems that the rain water actually belongs to the government because it has authority over water rights or some such BS. Remember just because you bought the property doesn’t mean you have the rights.  Water rights, mineral rights and many other issues you might think you own you really don’t.

Pretty soon you won’t be able to open a window without paying your sunlight tax.


One thought on “We are doomed.

  1. Good for robber barons like Reid that use goon thugs, fed or private mercs, to shoot families off their land and take it to resell to their cronyies. Some of us know very well how the Left works.

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