Special Forces Soldier in the NFL?

This is a pretty cool story.


Boyer, a 34-year-old former Green Beret, served multiple tours of duty in Iraq and was offered a contract as an undrafted free agent by the Seahawks following the draft.

“I’m just thrilled to get an opportunity,” Boyer said on NFL Network. “These are the best athletes in the world, and just to get an opportunity and be able to compete, play for a great team in a great city, I couldn’t be more thrilled, just for the chance.”

Conflicting info on the SF Group he was with although it sounds a lot like C/5/19th out of TX.  In a couple of articles they mention 3rd SFGA and 10th SFGA.

Either way good luck Nate.


4 thoughts on “Special Forces Soldier in the NFL?

  1. Hasn’t the army authorized “Green berets” for everyone now, so why are the MSewerMedia still talking about that as being their personal nomenclature for military forces they would like to see withdrawn from theaters which have American or allied forces in danger?

  2. Only SF wear green. Black for everyone else. Which were the beret of the Rangers until Shenseki changed the policy. Now they wear tan.

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