Baltimore is a mess!

So once again the loons are out on the street protesting and destroying their own city. Freaking idiots. They say it’s about Freddie Gray. I don’t buy it. Once again an excuse for some to destroy and loot. Hordes of uncivilized people take to the streets to protest yet ask anyone of them what this is about and it’s incoherent blah blah blah and weak talking points. How long will we continue to put up with this trash in the streets.

I’m not defending the police. Hell I don’t know what happened and it doesn’t look good for them in this case. Still tearing up your own city makes no sense at all.

I’ve worked near Baltimore and frankly it’s a Sh*thole of a place. One wrong turn there and your car better be armored. For some reason we are allowing our cities to be taken over by thugs and criminals. Why?

If there were only a common denominator in all this….Leadership, locals.  hummm..

America is sick my friends, very sick.


5 thoughts on “Baltimore is a mess!

  1. The cause is the lack of responsibility. Coddling of those that don’t want to contribute to society yet love to take. Handouts are killing us literally. The breakdown of the family also contributes but whatever you do don’t say that or promote family values. Lastly the continued division of peoples through rhetoric and media distortions. The cure? I don’t know if a cure is possible at this point. Perhaps like a horrible virus it will burn itself out one day.

  2. Yes, and unions like the SEIU busing their own brand of communists into the war zone. I’m with you brother! Makes me sick! I wish someone would bring suit against the SEIU for criminal damaging!

  3. It’s engineered collapse. Those that are in the know, should be well aware by now.

    Also the riots in Baltimore were mostly shipped in by the Soros and Jackson crowd, via social media triggers. Flash mobs were their R and D test cycles from before.

    The Baltimore Gray family refused to invite Jackson or Sharpton. This was the result.

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