Can’t fire Government workers

DEA Chief Michelle Leonhart says she can’t fire DEA agents caught in sex parties with prostitutes paid for by drug cartels.

I swear some days it’s like living in Bazzaro world. Testifying at the House Select Oversight Committee hearings, DEA Chief Michelle Leonhart essentially said we can’t fire our own people no matter what they do, so we give them some time off and retraining. I really picked the wrong career field.

But I don’t doubt she is telling the truth. After all the Civil Service scandals of the last few years my question is why hasn’t congress changed the rules for Civil Service? Hold all the hearing you want but if nothing changes, well nothing changes. FFS.

– Leonhart repeatedly explained that a maze of civil service system protections for government workers prevents her from firing federal employees.


2 thoughts on “Can’t fire Government workers

  1. If this the perk of being a low level UN or civil bureaucrat, imagine what the top echelons get. Entire harem of sex slaves overseas, isn’t too far fetched for my intel analysis.

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