May I kiss you? Pentagon waste

The pentagon in all its wisdom (read very little) according to a report by Elizabeth Harrington at the Washington Free Beacon is paying a Mike Domitrz to conduct his “May I kiss you,” training to US Forces. Ok so what you ask. Maybe our troops need a little training in continual approval. It’s not so much the subject that is interesting but how much he’s getting.

For three training session that are roughly 60 to 90 minutes the Air Forces awarded Mr. Domitrz $10,000. Nice huh? Wait there’s more. He’s doing about 50 military bases a year. According to the report his normal rate per visit is $6500. The report estimates that Mr. Domitrz is raking in about $325,000 a year doing this. Damn, I’m in the wrong line of work.

But this guy is probably a real expert right? Well this is what the report says.

It took a while for Domitrz’s speaking career to take off. He worked as a DJ and high school coach for a decade, honing his skills in “interactive education, educating teenagers, working with college students, and performing in front of big and small audiences.”

In 2002 Domitrz, then a stay-at-home dad, attracted notice from “educational experts” while delivering his “Can I Kiss You?” talk at a national conference. Advocacy groups, college campuses, and eventually the U.S. military began calling.

You see folks the military is so paranoid about perception that they will hire and pay anything to prove how hard their working on the sexual assault/harassment issue that they will pay for sh.. ummm excellent training like this.

Oh did I also mention he sells his “May I kiss you,” books at these events also?

I don’t blame him at all. The government knows what they are buying so good on him, but it’s kind of screw the taxpayer


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