Baltimore is a mess!

So once again the loons are out on the street protesting and destroying their own city. Freaking idiots. They say it’s about Freddie Gray. I don’t buy it. Once again an excuse for some to destroy and loot. Hordes of uncivilized people take to the streets to protest yet ask anyone of them what this is about and it’s incoherent blah blah blah and weak talking points. How long will we continue to put up with this trash in the streets.

I’m not defending the police. Hell I don’t know what happened and it doesn’t look good for them in this case. Still tearing up your own city makes no sense at all.

I’ve worked near Baltimore and frankly it’s a Sh*thole of a place. One wrong turn there and your car better be armored. For some reason we are allowing our cities to be taken over by thugs and criminals. Why?

If there were only a common denominator in all this….Leadership, locals.  hummm..

America is sick my friends, very sick.


Can’t fire Government workers

DEA Chief Michelle Leonhart says she can’t fire DEA agents caught in sex parties with prostitutes paid for by drug cartels.

I swear some days it’s like living in Bazzaro world. Testifying at the House Select Oversight Committee hearings, DEA Chief Michelle Leonhart essentially said we can’t fire our own people no matter what they do, so we give them some time off and retraining. I really picked the wrong career field.

But I don’t doubt she is telling the truth. After all the Civil Service scandals of the last few years my question is why hasn’t congress changed the rules for Civil Service? Hold all the hearing you want but if nothing changes, well nothing changes. FFS.

– Leonhart repeatedly explained that a maze of civil service system protections for government workers prevents her from firing federal employees.

May I kiss you? Pentagon waste

The pentagon in all its wisdom (read very little) according to a report by Elizabeth Harrington at the Washington Free Beacon is paying a Mike Domitrz to conduct his “May I kiss you,” training to US Forces. Ok so what you ask. Maybe our troops need a little training in continual approval. It’s not so much the subject that is interesting but how much he’s getting.

For three training session that are roughly 60 to 90 minutes the Air Forces awarded Mr. Domitrz $10,000. Nice huh? Wait there’s more. He’s doing about 50 military bases a year. According to the report his normal rate per visit is $6500. The report estimates that Mr. Domitrz is raking in about $325,000 a year doing this. Damn, I’m in the wrong line of work.

But this guy is probably a real expert right? Well this is what the report says.

It took a while for Domitrz’s speaking career to take off. He worked as a DJ and high school coach for a decade, honing his skills in “interactive education, educating teenagers, working with college students, and performing in front of big and small audiences.”

In 2002 Domitrz, then a stay-at-home dad, attracted notice from “educational experts” while delivering his “Can I Kiss You?” talk at a national conference. Advocacy groups, college campuses, and eventually the U.S. military began calling.

You see folks the military is so paranoid about perception that they will hire and pay anything to prove how hard their working on the sexual assault/harassment issue that they will pay for sh.. ummm excellent training like this.

Oh did I also mention he sells his “May I kiss you,” books at these events also?

I don’t blame him at all. The government knows what they are buying so good on him, but it’s kind of screw the taxpayer

Almost a record at the Masters

jordan spiethJordan Spieth ran circles around the competition at this years Masters.  From day one, Spieth took the lead and never let up.  The kid was on fire. 

He finished with a –18 which tied Tiger woods 1997 Masters.

It was impressive.  Frankly I hadn’t heard to the guy, but then I haven’t been following golf a lot the last few years. So, it’s great to see some new names.

Tiger’s comeback wasn’t quite there.  While he finished well behind the leaders he played a pretty decent game. 5 under par may not seem like much but it was pretty consistent all week. So I’m not writing him off yet.

Phil Mickelson and Justin Rose also played a great tournament with –14 under for the tournament.

Iranian nuke humor

I think I understand our Iranian nuke deal. It’s just a joke, a funny. It’s not serious nor was it ever meant to be. Nope, just a little light hearted fun. Let’s face it President Barack Obama and John Kerry are pretty witty guys. They just didn’t figure so many people would take them serious in this. They tried to let the cat out of the bag by having the Iranians say one thing and then they said another. But their loyal supports, bless their hearts just didn’t get the joke.


Whew, for a second there I thought we really did this thing.


Is Tiger back?

Tiger Woods will start this Thursday in the Masters. The Masters is without a doubt the most prestigious of all golf tournaments. But Tiger has not won a major tournament since 2008. Who would have believed that possible? Once, Tiger was just weeks away from reaching Jack Nicholas’ record of 18 Major Golf tournaments. At 14 he’s still in the running but his game hasn’t been there since his disastrous marriage scandal.

I’ve always believed golf is a mental game. Perhaps that’s why it’s such a difficult game. There are lots of physically tough people out there but not as many can hold focus for four hours. Tiger’s life went into a tailspin that he has yet to pull from. This weekend may be that turning point back on track.

He says he’s been working his ass off, well we’ll see if it pays off starting Thursday.

I wish him the best. Golf hasn’t quite been the same without him.