Germanwings Crash

Well it took longer than expected to post again. But I am back. So what’s new?

At this point it looks like the Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz decided to take 150 other innocent people with him to his death. It’s and act that leaves one speechless. There is of course no justification for such an act. The problem is there really isn’t much we can do in society to completely protect ourselves against such people. While I do believe the rule to have at least two crew members in the cockpit at all time is the right way to go, one simply doesn’t expect this kind of act from a pilot.

At first I think we all hoped that this happened so fast the passengers didn’t have any idea what was coming but it appears they did know. The reported screaming from the Block box indicates they were well aware long before the place crashed.

It’s interesting the modern airline don’t have a mandatory flight surgeon and company run physicals. This seems like a rational concept. Company mandated physicals by their own flight surgeons may have saved 150 lives.

It’s been a tough time for aviation with multiple planes being lost and one shot down over the Ukraine.

One of my previous jobs had me flying every week and I can say it wasn’t fun. It’s not that I was overly worried about crashing but it does cross your mind and there is nothing like the completely helpless feeling you have as an airline passenger.

Unfortunately I live in middle America and everyplace of interest is a long drive or a plane ride.


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