State Department didn’t archive emails?

So the strange case of Hillary and the emails get more interesting by the minute. This time the strange part isn’t from Hillary though. The State Department says that they didn’t archive emails automatically until February 2015. Now isn’t that interesting? They seem to be saying that it’s the responsibility of the individual email client to have saved their own emails.

Dept. of State*I’ve never worked in the State Department but I have worked within the DOD and this doesn’t sound correct. Are we to believe in the day and age of documentation, of requests for civilian emails from civilian providers that our own State Department which regularly deals with foreign governments and would be susceptible to information gathering by our enemies doesn’t save emails and to record historical documentation? No wonder this administration appears to have little fear over congressional investigation since they don’t keep anything.

So in fact Hillary Clinton may have been more conscientious than the government itself. I guess keeping your own server is a good idea. (Sarc)

If the State Department hasn’t been archiving emails as other agencies have been (I worked IT on archiving issues within DoD) than many people at very high levels need to be fired.

If we are to believe these assertions than what would possess anyone to want bigger government? Apparently there are no rules, just suggestions. Of course let one of the little people break policy.


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