Gen Mattis understands one of the problems

General Jim Mattis has some thoughts on war and ISIS.  But mostly he says what I’ve been saying for a while now.  Be sure to read the whole thing.  Also the comments are interesting.  I’m with the one that agrees but will find it hard to support and military action while this administration is in place.


A strong “Authorization to Use Military Force” (AUMF), supported by a majority of both parties in both houses of Congress, will send an essential message of American steadfastness to our people and to the global audience. Its passage will demonstrate our country’s fundamental unity and enable a broader commitment to deal firmly with a real and growing menace.

Following more than a decade of fighting for poorly articulated political goals, the Congress needs to restore clarity to our policy if we are to gain the American people’s confidence and enlist the assistance of potential allies, while sending a chilling note that we mean business to our enemies. With enemy influence expanding rapidly, patience or half-measures cannot replace a coherent strategy for taking measured steps, aligned with allies, to counter the mutating Islamist threat in the Middle East. The AUMF that Congress passes should be constructed as one building block in a coherent, integrated strategy for dealing with a region erupting in crises. Thus the AUMF needs to serve an enabling role for defeating this enemy, and not a restrictive function. Congress’ voice in the AUMF must not reassure our adversary in advance about what we will not do:


2 thoughts on “Gen Mattis understands one of the problems

  1. Mattis was/is a much beloved Marine. A Marine’s Marine if you will. Our lack of projection of force, has led to more incidents than I would care to count. Fearful respect is the only way to deal with aggressive countries, organizations or individuals. Far from being a warmonger, I believe with the correct posture and projection of force, we could avoid future conflicts and incidents. This Administration has neither the will nor the

  2. There tends to be a lot more wars under Democrat leadership. The US Civil War I being the first and probably most notorious example. With Vietnam and Korea being only the merely last ones in the previous century.

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