Benefits and downside of Hillary’s choice

Why would someone conduct official business on personal account that is maintained from home?

– Benefits

  •  Can circumvent government monitoring of emails
  •  Can pick and choose what emails you consider relevant to give to the government or select congressional committees.
  •  Can deflect FOIA requests
  •  Can be destroyed quickly and completely

– Downside

  •  Must maintain the server and backups – time consuming
  •  Must pay for skilled personnel to operate if not technically inclined or available 24X7
  •  Must pay for equipment and software personally
  •  Security – must maintain certificate issues or leave email and other information vulnerable

Reasons to use government email

– Benefits

  •  It’s no cost to the user
  •  Backups are made constantly to ensure users have access to older files and hard drive failures
  •  Full time IT departments that maintain the server software and hardware
  •  Full time IT support for assistance when something fails
  •  Records can be pulled by IT techs when investigations warrant
  •  Historical records maintained
  •  Built in security and encryption

– Downside

  •  Must submit to governmental processes (Service Request) to retrieve older data which may require justification
  •  Emails can be subpoenaed
  •  Must have access to network
  •  Emails can be monitored

It’s not inconceivable that at times a personal account might be used however, per USG guidance those emails should be forwarded to the government account or printed and sent to controlling authorities. these would be exceptions to the rule, not normal business.

So, why would someone have their own server at their home?  Hummm I wonder….(SARC)


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