US Intelligence caught off guard?

clip_image002WH counter terror official says that US intelligence was caught off guard.

Nobody saw the Yemen fiasco coming?

It’s seems we either have a very incompetent group of intelligence people working for us (not the case) or our intelligence leadership isn’t very good at listening (possible) or finally, our civilian leadership has their ears and eyes closed. They are probably too busy taking selfies, making videos and playing golf.

The White House’s top counterterrorism official admitted Thursday that the overthrow of Yemen’s government by Shiite rebels last month caught U.S. intelligence off guard. 

Nick Rasmussen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, told the Senate Intelligence Committee that the Yemeni army’s response to the advancing Houthi rebels resembled the Iraqi military’s response to an onslaught by the Islamic State terror group (ISIS) that ended in the capture of Iraq’s second-largest city this past summer.

"As the Houthi advances toward Sanaa [Yemen’s capital] took place," Rasmussen said, "they weren’t opposed in many places. … The situation deteriorated far more rapidly than we expected."



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