The Lunchbox

It can be funny how a movie can get you thinking about simple items like lunch boxes. Recently I watched the Indian film the lunchbox. A story about an unhappy wife who tries to make a good lunch for her husband hoping he will appreciate the effort. The lunchbox gets mixed up and a lonely accountant gets the box instead. The rest of the movie involves notes to each other through the daily lunchbox meals. It’s a very good and movie. But the point is that the lunch box used in the movie may be strange to American audiences.  It was for me anyway.

I grew up with the standard Stanley type lunch box. A rectangle filled with a thermos on top and room for a sandwich and snacks on the bottom.


But in the movie the lunchbox itself looks like a thermos with multiple layers of bowls sitting on top of each other.

[picture from movie]


In the past few years when I’ve taken my own lunch to work I’ve usually used multiple plastic containers inside of a cooler type box. It works but generally isn’t great for hot soups or having both hot and cold items in the same container.


So I started looking around and found the following types of lunchboxes. They seem much more practical. While they are a bit more expensive than the cooler/plastic container they just might be worth the money.




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