80 thousand emails that weren’t really lost

The internal Revenue Service’s inspector general has somehow located 80 thousands Lois Lerner emails. The emails that the IRS itself had said were not recoverable. Isn’t that amazing? I, along with many other wrote at the time that it was inconceivable that these emails were lost. The story was the Lois Lerner’s hard driver had crashed and then subsequently been destroyed, causing all of her emails to be lost. Anyone at the time who has worked in a large company or definitely the government knows about backups.


In a letter to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Tuesday, Sen. Ron Johnson demanded details about the agency’s attempts to produce the emails before its watchdog, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, succeeded in doing so.

The Wisconsin Republican cited a November report from the Washington Examiner that revealed TIGTA’s discovery of an estimated 30,000 emails on disaster recovery tapes.

But TIGTA officials informed Johnson’s staff last week that it had ultimately extracted 80,000 from the tapes, raising questions about whether the IRS truly went to “great lengths” and made “extraordinary efforts” to find the lost emails, as Koskinen testified last year.


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