How to win wars

How to Fight and Win a War: Bombs Over Tokyo

Michael Walsh has it right.

The only way to stop evil is to go to its heart, rip it out and stomp on it. To demoralize the enemy and make him understand that he can’t win and therefore must surrender unconditionally, or die. That everything he believes will soon turn to ashes and will henceforth be just a bad memory — just ask the current leader of the Thousand-Year Reich or the “divine Emperor” of Japan. Anything else — anything “proportional” — is just a pinprick and worse than useless, because it only encourages them to keep fighting.

Unfortunately, America doesn’t have that mind set anymore and may never again. 

Reminds me of something:

JB’s basic rules for foreign policy and war
When we knew how to win wars

4 thoughts on “How to win wars

  1. Does he understand that if the Emperor of Japan was dead at the end of WWII, Russia would be contesting Tokyo with America for the last 50 years? Since an unconditional surrender could only be made by the top, as most of them were trying to stall for time, for various reasons.

    Getting a surrender is one thing by reaching the center of gravity, destroying the center of gravity and mistaking which heart is necessary, can collapse the entire organization you are trying to take over. The only way to take over 150 fractious tribes that don’t get along is Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan route.

  2. I think the point was that to win you have to destroy the enemy completely and not pin prick strikes. Right now all we do it fire and forget. The Emperor had no power and had capitulated completely.

    I agree with the AtG and GK route however.

  3. Since allowing Embedded Reporters and unfettered access to the battlefield, the MSM indirectly dictates our strategies, until we get a leader with resolve and courage.

  4. The next president of the United States will have to clean up both Bush’s and Obama’s messes. Let’s pray he’s up to the job.

    Republican Presidents have been cleaning up Korea and Vietnam messes left by Democrat war leaders since some time ago now. The interesting thing is that the people pay so much attention to the propaganda they don’t realize what really happened in history and why that has led inexorably to Leftists sabotaging US policies. They have no real clue what is going on, domestically or overseas.

    They have no solution, they are just in the way. That’s the optimistic intel assessment. The pessimistic one is that they are taking a kickback from the Left for agreeing to such propaganda.

    The Emperor had no power and had capitulated completely.

    Incorrect. Political power and the ability to command the people are different profiles.

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