Yemen raid gone bad

Did the President do the right thing in allowing a raid in Yemen?


In an attempt to rescue an American held hostage by a Yemen faction of Al-Qaeda, US forces raided a terrorist base. In the aftermath the hostages were killed. Along with the American Luke Summers a South African teacher Pierre Korkie was also killed. Five terrorist were killed and no American forces were injured. The SEALS apparently walked in over 10 kilometers of rough terrain and lost the element of surprise the last 100 meters according to reports.

There are some that are critical of the operation. Was in necessary to conduct the raid while negotiations for the South African were ongoing? I won’t go into the idea and former policy of “not negotiating with terrorist” as this administration have shown they certainly will. The administration claims that recent intelligence indicated Summers was in grave danger of being killed this weekend and felt the need to act.

It’s hard to say if US officials knew about the ongoing negotiations for Korkie. 

I can’t find any reason to doubt this intelligence and don’t see any issues with this raid. Military actions and raids deep into enemy territory are always difficult. There will always be risk. The military units that carry out these raids try very hard to minimize the risk and it is always at the heart of their planning. Unfortunately things happen when dealing with terrorist and criminals. You can never know for sure what they will do or how they will react.

This was the right decision even if the outcome is tragic. The fault lay in the hands of those that committed the initial crimes that created this situation. They should be tracked down and killed as the savages they are.


3 thoughts on “Yemen raid gone bad

  1. Y, While I basically agree with you, when your objective is killed it’s tough to say it was a success. It will be good if we follow up and show that we will continue to aggressively go after hostage takers regardless of the risks.

    The fact is though, we are waging a half-assed war on terrorist, criminals and other dangers to society. We continue to win individual battles and lose the overall wars.

  2. Certainly the mission’s goals were not accomplished, but then again one must expect such under this Regime that leaks all operational data to our enemies, either via Qatar, Iran, China, N Korea, or Havana.

    When the chain of command commands that the war be lost, it is difficult to accomplish the goal of victory, no matter the sacrifices entailed.

    I suspect many of these hostage situations occur not merely due to profit to fund jihad, but because they saw how many people Cuba and the Taliban got, for almost nothing. It raised the price on the heads of such Westerners. If every America knew they could be paid 10,000 just to throw some litter and graffiti around their neighborhood, a lot of them would do it. Human greed doesn’t need a reason, when the higher ups wave gold and profit around.

    The Israelis have a similar issue, although they’ve been exchanging corpses and prisoners for a lot longer than the US has been. The fundamental issue, same for them as for us, has not been resolved.

    I hold the lives of the patriots, (real) citizens, and warriors to be above that of political goals and expedient policies. So long as the good survive, there will be another chance in the future. Perhaps in another time and age, that priority would be reversed, but now is not that age. There is no end of people who refuse to defend themselves and learn the tools of death. They cannot be taught to protect themselves, by themselves. We will not run out of them, humanity will not run out of them. Patriots, though, those we can run out of.

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