The race discussion

There is much talk these days about having a discussion on race relations in America. Since the first black American President was elected it seems race relations have deteriorated. From all of the media hubbub it would appear we are nearing a civil war on race. But are things really that bad? Could it be that a country so racially divided could elect a black man then turn on each other? To the first question the answer I don’t think so. Daily most of us go to work and interact with many races and think nothing of it. Most people I know and work with, don’t interact differently with each other based on race as far as I can see. I work in a pretty diverse office where the profile percentages are probably close to the national statistics. Frankly, there isn’t much time to think about race relations as we are pretty busy.

But you have to understand that for us to get along would not be productive to certain organizations and personalities. These people make a very nice living keeping the populace riled up. Do you think it’s just luck that we always see the crowds in close so as not to see the total numbers? This makes the event more spectacular. Do you think it’s just coincidence that there are cameras around when the violence starts? Of course not, there’s no money in people behaving and working through issues. Have you not seen the agitators in the crowds that push and yell when things calm down? It’s organized and often has nothing to do with the issue at hand but rather it’s about someone making money.

What of the discussion though. Certainly we can’t have a discussion on race with so many calling others racist before the discussion starts? We could if there weren’t those that wish to control the discussion by banning words or arguments that disagree with their narrative. The stigma of so called “hate speech” is destroying our ability to talk to each other. Disagree and you are a hater. If you should believe anything that goes against their “truth” you are labeled a racist and any further discussion is halted. There is no room for compromise. This is quite convenient when the discussion heads in a direction one side doesn’t wish it to go.

How can one talk about race relations if you can’t name the race? How can you talk about police actions if you can’t talk about criminal actions, about cultural and moral actions? I guess you could but you wouldn’t reach any conclusions that would have any real affect.

When we can talk to each other in a civilized manner, minus the insults and begin the conversations assuming the other participant wants a just solution like us, we might have this conversation but at this time too many people have an agenda that has nothing to do with us all getting along. When we wake up and stop letting the national media, the race baiters and profiteers run the discussion we might have a chance.


2 thoughts on “The race discussion

  1. One of the growing suspicions I acquired from accessing my intel sources concerning Iraq 2003-2007 was that the Democrats, and a certain organization in this United States, did not want Saddam to fall because the methods, tactics, strategy, and logistics required to topple one dictator… can also be brought home and used on another. And another. And another. Fallujah falling to US forces of liberation, would spell similar doom to the Democrat owners of Detroit, New Orleans, Los Angeles, etc.

    They did not want us to succeed overseas, because they needed Saddam Hussein. They needed their HUSSEIN, in more ways than one. It horrified them that the United States could still, somehow after being ripped apart from internal wasp eggs and parasites, could still kill tyrants. Could still. Kill. Tyrants. It made them afraid.

  2. Most patriots or US concerned citizens direct their outrage, emotional hatred, and prejudice outwards, against foreign enemies.

    But the Left taught me an important lesson. Often times the greatest enemy is closer than I ever imagined.

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