Interrogation truth and lies

The weekly standard has an interesting piece on interrogation and the forthcoming Democrat report to come out.

Stephen Hayes writes in the Weekly Standard:

The Central Intelligence Agency repeatedly tortured suspected terrorists, regularly lied about it to Congress and the White House, and, for all the pain and trouble this caused the agency and the United States, didn’t end up extracting a single piece of valuable information not readily available by other means.

That, at least, is the conclusion of the forthcoming Feinstein report, a long and, in certain quarters, much-anticipated review of the CIA’s detainee and interrogation programs during the Bush administration. A steady stream of leaks in news stories over several months has provided the public a preview of its contents.

The goal of those leaks, and the report itself, is not hard to discern: to ensure that the coming debate over enhanced interrogation isn’t so much a debate but a public condemnation of those who conceived and participated in the program.

Stephen points to a new document by a possible lead interrogator that may shed a little more light on the reality of Enhance Interrogation Techniques (EIT) and the purpose of the Feinstein report.

Stephens article and the article with the interrogators document are here and here.

The point of all this are the realities of EIT and the political show. The show which is very dangerous and give the American public a false narrative on interrogation and torture. 

Read the pieces yourself and you can decide how you feel. 

I remember something told to me a long time ago.  We all have a breaking point no matter how we are trained and our only goal was to hold out long enough to make the information irrelevant.  This is possible for current ground ops at a certain level.  The point is you will tell what you know eventually. 

If we believe being nice and holding hands will gain that same information, that the individual being questioned won’t hold back knowing there are know real consequences than we are being fools.

Excerpt from James Peale (pseudonym) document.

That said, some have suggested that our use of enhanced techniques put our country in the delicate position of demanding fair treatment of our prisoners while at the same time using harsh techniques on Al Qaeda detainees. They wonder what’s to stop our enemies from using the same tactics we used, and what right we would have to ask them to stop.

I would submit that the immediate adoption of the entire CIA interrogation program by every combatant entity currently engaged in any war or battle in any corner of the world would be the greatest thing that ever happened to modern detention and prisoner/hostage/detainee well being. Were the Secretary-General of the United Nations to propose and enforce the adoption of the CIA interrogation program and conditions of confinement on every battlefield on earth, the number of lives improved and saved would qualify him for a Nobel Peace Prize. There would be no more torture

yes, I mean actual torture. No detainee would ever be subjected to any treatment more severe than that we inflict on our own American servicemen every month in SERE training. All prisoners and detainees would be adequately fed, clothed,housed, and given health and dental care. There would be no beheadings, no beatings, no cutting off of hands, fingers, ears,or noses. No starvation of prisoners. No slow deaths from disease and dysentery. No snuff films, or propaganda videos featuring staged confessions or abuse. No beating of the undersides of feet, or genital mutilation. There would be no rape, no sexual abuse, and no blackmail of families.


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