Canada, terror and Ebola

Aha it’s been too long I suppose if I plan to keep this site alive. But frankly life often gets in the way of posting regularly.

So, as I do at times this is a general post covering a couple topics.

Attack on Canadian Parliament:

First thing to say here is well done to Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers. His quick reaction along with other law enforcement and security personnel certainly curtailed what could have been much worse. And to the family of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, my heart goes out to you.

The problem is that this once again shows how Islamist are winning the war of propaganda and recruitment. Polling, as much as I despise it, shows how little most people think of our (western) government(s). Western society seems to have given up on itself. Unable to defend its own ideas, the west has let the un-civilized, the un-tolerant (left), take control. We are seeing the results now. Incompetence and barbarism are growing out of control and we are afraid to call it what it is, let alone protect ourselves from it.

In US prisons for example, Gangs of all types thrive. Arian Nation, Islamic, Biker, Mob, MS13 all recruit and expand their membership inside our own system. Why is that allowed? Why do we give more rights to convicted criminals than to our citizenry? It’s not even a matter of human rights. Our prisons are more dangerous to the occupants if they actually try to turn their lives around. Our prisons have become training academies for crime and terror.

Our borders just another example, have been opened not to hard working families looking for a better life but the underclass of thugs, deranged and diseased. We have become the dumping ground of our enemies. When our citizen stand up and say enough, they are pilloried in the media, our government and the oh so tolerant ideological left. In fact those “hard working” families can’t get in this country without paying lots fee’s and waiting for years. Yes, immigration needs to be reformed but not by opening the door wide, but rather selecting and removing undesirables. Does that sound racist? Too damn bad. It’s not. It’s called common sense and survival.


Even after the CDC stepped up monitoring of incoming travelers a doctor who worked a few weeks in Guinea travels back and self-monitors, self-quarantines himself by traveling on the subway and goes bowling. Did he expose hundreds? I don’t know. But I do know that checking for a fever at the airport isn’t nearly enough protection with a 21 day incubation time. What if he hadn’t been a doctor and checked himself regular?

There are many claiming there is too much hype about Ebola and that there are people trying to create panic. But it’s not panic to be vigilant. It’s not panic to be cautious. We have become so sensitive to hurting someone’s feelings that as I’ve stated before we cannot protect ourselves.

Now that the polls show a pretty strong disapproval of the way the US government has handled the Ebola crisis and others, there is finally some movement. But how can it be ok to regulate travel and protocols now if it wasn’t smart/good in the beginning of this crises? Must the administration always wait till the polls tell us what to do?

I don’t think Ebola will get out of control here in the US. But I do feel more people will be affected than was necessary. I don’t believe in panic but caution and prudent measures for safety seems a good idea.

Fortunately for us an Ebola Czar has been appointed. Of course, he is not a health professional or an emergency management specialist, but I’m sure he’s on the job. Oh wait, didn’t he miss the first Ebola crisis meeting after his appointment? Hummm.


3 thoughts on “Canada, terror and Ebola

  1. Once again, it’s the States’ leading the way. NY/NJ are imposing a 21 day quarintine of anybody arriving from an Ebola identified country. Kudos to them, but isn’t the Federal Gov’t supposed to protect us from things such as this? This simple, common sense solution apparently is beyond the Feds ability to come up with. We are being governed by buffoons.

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