CDC idiot


A travel ban to the countries facing an Ebola outbreak could paradoxically make the problem worse, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Tom Frieden said during a Saturday press conference.

Frieden said the CDC would consider any and all precautions, but warned that a travel ban could make it harder to get medical care and aid workers to regions dealing with the outbreak.

See, it’s not like we could just ban travel of tourist and not health professionals.  Why is it our government wants to regulate saying “Redskins” on TV but can’t regulate air travel to and from locations where health issues are a danger, where the consequences are not hurt feelings but dead people?  They can regulate water to Farmers because of a small fish and destroy family businesses but can’t enforce our border laws. 

Seriously, we are run by idiots that are dangerous.


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5 Responses to “CDC idiot”

  1. chilihntr Says:

    We are going to PC ourselves into a huge problem.

  2. JB Says:

    I don’t know if we can even stop it now. The bureaucrats are have the PC mentality so ingrained I don’t think they can change.

  3. chilihntr Says:

    We are so worried about upsetting everybody else other than ourselves. How did this happen?

  4. ymarsakar Says:

    The Leftist alliance happened.

  5. ymarsakar Says:

    The only thing stronger than the Leftist alliance and their power is Death. Although being a death cult, they aren’t completely unfamiliar with using diseases and enterovirus spreads to create October surprises for political gain.

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