We cant protect ourselves

The great liberal movement, in order to purge themselves of their internal guilt, may just get us all killed. Our nation has become paralyzed. We cannot take the basic steps to protect ourselves. It’s as if our natural survival instinct is dead or at least dying. The very purpose of government doesn’t work and the best it can deliver is – don’t worry we have everything under control. Yet it’s obvious they don’t. From foreign policy and the inability to name an enemy to the complete opening of our borders. The failure to enforce our basic laws is speeding us to ruin.

“ISIS is not ISLAMIC”. Really? Don’t tell them that. I don’t know if President is purposely trying to destroy the tenants of our nation or is just wholly incompetent. But I know his strategy on every crises is to wait until it’s nearly a complete disaster then do the very least possible. He blames the intelligence community for not seeing the rise of ISIS but that’s patently false. They saw it and said something many times. The evidence in congressional testimony months and really years before the ISIS rise.

Now Ebola is here, yet we hesitate to take action for fear of offending someone. Even with a potentially huge and deadly health crises, not just from Ebola but other once eradicated diseases, we cannot move from the very political positions on our borders. Is it asking too much to regulate the one area the government should regulate? We can have immigration without uncontrolled flooding of our cities, schools and health system.

imageBut it’s not just him. He brought with him and appointed so many other incompetent, politically  motivated bureaucrats that our entire government is nearly lost. Can you think of one agency running well? DOJ, IRS, HHS, VA, EPA, DHS, DNI any of these impressing you? It’s not just the fact these agencies are “Too big to succeed”, they are not lead by professionals but political hacks. The Obama administration didn’t create this model of governing but he has taken it to new heights.

I know many of you will say, “but JB, the Republican are no better”. Well, perhaps that’s true, but at least lets rotate the leadership until we can figure out a way to produce a third party that can get elected.

There has been some headway on the Libertarian front but they still have too many nuts that don’t understand the founding principles of the nation. Chaos and no laws are not the answer. I will say, they are a lot closer to my ideas than both the D-R’s though.

Who’s to blame? The United States Citizen that’s who. We elected a person that had absolutely nothing in his background to suggest he was qualified or prepared to be a President. Yet we voted him in office twice. In the race to elect the first “black” President we failed to look for the best President.

Smaller government is needed but have you ever seen a government shrink? Is it even possible when we continue to put more and more people on the government rolls? Will it take something much bigger to force the public’s hand? Is that something bigger on its way?


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