When they say don’t worry…





5 Responses to “When they say don’t worry…”

  1. ymarsakar Says:

    Great October surprise there.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    21 days for infection-contagion phase? Doesn’t that end up at late Oct, right around voting time…. naw, that’s just a coincidence, heh.

  3. chilihntr Says:

    11 children sick in Colorado. Across the border diseases. Not sure I’d want to try to run on crisis mgt…………

  4. ymarsakar Says:

    Coincidentally, the 38 states DHS flew Mexicans and Latin Americans to without passing a medical checkup, also started developing Enterovirus amongst the kiddies there. I’m sure that was just an accident though.

  5. chilihntr Says:

    This Government is too incompetent to have brought Enterovirus on purpose.

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