FBI doesn’t like privacy? Who knew?

FBI blasts Apple, Google for locking police out of phones

FBI Director James B. Comey sharply criticized Apple and Google on Thursday for developing forms of smartphone encryption so secure that law enforcement officials cannot easily gain access to information stored on the devices — even when they have valid search warrants…

…“There will come a day when it will matter a great deal to the lives of people . . . that we will be able to gain access” to such devices, Comey told reporters in a briefing. “I want to have that conversation [with companies responsible] before that day comes.”…

…He said he could not understand why companies would “market something expressly to allow people to place themselves beyond the law.”..

Maybe the people just don’t trust you!


2 thoughts on “FBI doesn’t like privacy? Who knew?

  1. It’s like the universe gave up on us, and the ones writing the script are now Deus ex Machina messiahs like Hussein or Mohammed.


    I want to have that conversation [with companies responsible] before that day comes.

    Oh really. And where is your conversation with the Marathon bombers and people who enabled them, you elite security gurus? And where’s the conversation going to be when the police continue killing people “accidentally” via SWAT raids. How’s that for a conversation with the “companies responsible”.

    Encryption can always be broken in time, the FBI just doesn’t want to spend that time. Nor do they have enough supercomputers, crackers, and hackers on their team to access the entirety of America’s data, if the encryption is solid. So they have to choose, and they don’t like that need to prioritize. After all, part of the reason the FBI has been able to detect so many terror plots is because of their access to domestic intel, whether or not it was gathered by foreign intel institutions or not. The FBI, for example, has access to Japanese police details and operations. Why? Shrugs.

  2. Of course, after Hussein O was elected, the FBI’s track record went to sh.

    Ft Hood 1. Ft. Hood 2. School shootings 1,2,3,4,5 but we’ll ignore those.

    But Marathon…. ol Marathon was more difficult to ignore.

    All those FBI directed orders to ignore Islamic jihad groups while focusing on bikers and people on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s sh list, that was much harder to ignore.

    The FBI may have deteriorated the least compared to ATF, IRS, and those other goons at the DEA, but they have suffered catastrophic losses in their competence. Although their SWAT team leaders seem to be a lot more competent than county and city levels.

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