Interesting reading on a superpower


a top diplomat from one of America’s most dependable Middle Eastern allies said to me in July of this year, "but you no longer know how to act like one." has a interesting article on the Obama administrations foreign policy. 

In one meeting, Rice pressed the German delegation relentlessly for leadership within the European Union. The Germans sought more time and consultation with other EU member states, frustrating Rice to the point that she lost her cool and reportedly launched into a profanity-filled lecture that featured a rare diplomatic appearance of the word "motherfucker." Germany’s national security advisor, Christoph Heusgen, was so angered that he told an American confidante it was the worst meeting of his professional life.

Interesting way to win friends.

It’s nothing new to those of us following this administrations group of incompetents but maybe enough people will read this and realize just how badly our electorate miscalculated.


One thought on “Interesting reading on a superpower

  1. All they calculated was the Cheap Grace and the EBT cards they would get. What they didn’t get out of it was the free iphones and cars.

    The Left expects to use America’s prestige and powers to make others in the world bend knee to them. They did so when Latin American countries tried to reject a socialist dictator, Hussein sanctioned them for it.

    That’s what people voted in and that’s what they will get. The only thing that would ever stop that is if America was no longer a republic or a democracy.

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