FBI doesn’t like privacy? Who knew?

FBI blasts Apple, Google for locking police out of phones

FBI Director James B. Comey sharply criticized Apple and Google on Thursday for developing forms of smartphone encryption so secure that law enforcement officials cannot easily gain access to information stored on the devices — even when they have valid search warrants…

…“There will come a day when it will matter a great deal to the lives of people . . . that we will be able to gain access” to such devices, Comey told reporters in a briefing. “I want to have that conversation [with companies responsible] before that day comes.”…

…He said he could not understand why companies would “market something expressly to allow people to place themselves beyond the law.”..

Maybe the people just don’t trust you!


Special Privileges?

13 May 2014

Military Forced to Get Picky in Recruiting

Kansas City Star | May 13, 2014 | by Rick Montgomery

Army Sgt. 1st Class Terrence Hoard must reach potential recruits early to set them straight.

They think anybody can enlist. Many see the military as a last resort in a tough job market — but always an option, the youth assume. Truth is, the class of 2014 now leaving high school will face more difficulty qualifying for the armed services than ever in the 40-year history of the all-volunteer force.

20 May 2014

10K soldiers must go this year, 20K next year

Nearly 30,000 soldiers must be removed from the active rolls in the next 17 months if the Army is to make the first waypoint in a drawdown that eventually will reduce the force to 450,000, or even 420,000, soldiers.

25 September

Military to allow undocumented immigrants to serve

A small number of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. will have an opportunity to join the military for the first time in decades under a new Department of Defense policy unveiled Thursday.

The new rules will expand an existing program allowing recruiters to target foreign nationals with high-demand skills, mostly rare foreign language expertise or specialized health care training.

What could it mean?

Afghan Soldiers missing from Cape Cod Base

We don’t learn do we? This isn’t the first time.

Three Afghan National Army soldiers are missing from a Cape Cod military base where they had been taking part in a training exercise.

The Massachusetts National Guard reported that the three were reported missing by security personnel at Joint Base Cape Cod late Saturday, and said there is no indication that they pose a public threat. A statement identified the soldiers as Maj. Jan Mohammad Arash, Cpt. Mohammad Nasir Askarzada, and Cpt. Noorullah Aminyar. U.S. military officials told The Associated Press that the men were last seen at the Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis.

The exercises have been held annually since 2004 to promote cooperation and interoperability among forces, build functional capacity, practice peacekeeping operations and enhance readiness.

Remember this story. 

HOUSTON — If the 17 foreign soldiers who walked away from language training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio had been from, say, Guatemala or Kenya, they probably would not have received much attention. Military officials say it is not uncommon for officers visiting from countries where life is hard to get a glimpse of the American dream while studying here and go absent without leave.

But the 17 officers who deserted between 2006 and this year were all from Afghanistan, and in the aftermath of the mass shooting at Fort Hood last fall, that fact belatedly raised eyebrows among military and law enforcement officials who track terrorists.

So, why do we feel the need to bring Afghan soldiers to the US to train?  It’s not like the Cape Cod Terrain is just so similar.  The reason is incompetent leaders that are so politically correct that they feel the need to show just how progressive they are. It’s all about cooperation with these guys except it’s a major risk the US people are never told about until it goes wrong.   Hopefully it won’t go very wrong.  But as I was once told hope isn’t an operational term.

UPDATE:  The three have been found trying to get into Canada. But look two other were missing for a time from Quantico.  

Three Afghan soldiers, who went missing while in Massachusetts for military training, have been found trying to cross the border into Canada, a Defense Department official said Monday.

“I can confirm that the Canadians have them,” the official said.

Associated Press

The Afghan officers were reported missing late Saturday after a trip to a shopping mall in Hyannis, Mass., about 20 miles from Joint Base Cape Cod, where they were involved in a training exercise. Earlier this month, two Afghan police officers disappeared from a Drug Enforcement Administration training program in Quantico, Va., and were found several days later in that area.

Illegals get regular CO DLs


DENVER (AP) – Colorado mistakenly issued regular driver’s licenses to 524 non-citizens, the latest problem in the state’s rollout of allowing some drivers in this country illegally to get driver’s licenses.

KCNC-TV in Denver reports that the Department of Motor Vehicles is asking for those immigrants to return the erroneous licenses.

I’m sure it was just an accident.  I bet those illegals are lining up to turn in their regular licenses for the non-citizen version.

You think there isn’t an organized plan here?  The US is in serious trouble my friends.

Why I don’t trust this administration on war

Susan Rice’s appearance on CNN shows why I don’t trust anything this administration says on war or hell anything really.  It’s nothing but political doubletalk.  VIA Breitbart.com

Thursday on CNN’s "The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer," Obama White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice said the president’s actions against ISIS are "very different" from America being at war.

Rice said, "I don’t know whether you want to call it a war or sustained counterterrorism campaign. I think, frankly, this is a counterterrorism operation that will take time. It will be sustained. We will not have American combat forces on the ground fighting as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan which is what I think the American people think of when they think of a war. So I think this is very different from that. But nonetheless, we’ll be dealing with the significant threat to this region, to American personnel in the region and potentially also to Europe and the United States. And we’ll be doing it with partners. We’ll not be fighting ourselves on the ground but using American air power as we have been over the last several weeks as necessary."

Susan Rice shouldn’t have a job after Bengahzi anyway.

Interesting reading on a superpower


a top diplomat from one of America’s most dependable Middle Eastern allies said to me in July of this year, "but you no longer know how to act like one."

Foreignpolicy.com has a interesting article on the Obama administrations foreign policy. 

In one meeting, Rice pressed the German delegation relentlessly for leadership within the European Union. The Germans sought more time and consultation with other EU member states, frustrating Rice to the point that she lost her cool and reportedly launched into a profanity-filled lecture that featured a rare diplomatic appearance of the word "motherfucker." Germany’s national security advisor, Christoph Heusgen, was so angered that he told an American confidante it was the worst meeting of his professional life.

Interesting way to win friends.

It’s nothing new to those of us following this administrations group of incompetents but maybe enough people will read this and realize just how badly our electorate miscalculated.

President’s speech on ISIL 10 Sep 14

imageTonight’s speech by President Obama was not enough. He continues to attempted to walk a tight rope of non-committal. This is exactly what I’ve been against for many years to include the Bush Administrations conduct of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Either what we do is important enough to commit completely or it’s not.

Two things stood out to me. One was the statement, “ISIL is not Islamic.” “No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.” While you may not like ISIL’s version of ISLAM, it’s like saying Catholics are not Christian. Maybe he’s not aware that the acronym ISIL is Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. It’s a tough one I know. However, Islamic faith is a key to ISIL’s support, well that and fear.

The other statement was, “But I want the American people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will not involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil.”

First off there are already combat troops on the ground SOF forces are combat troops, but let’s overlook that for the moment. As I stated in my first paragraph, Either what we do is important enough to commit completely or it’s not. A halfhearted fight will only continue the long lines in VA centers around the country and ultimately the growth of more radical Islamic organizations.

The last issue I’ll bring up is arming “Vetted” groups in Syria to fight ISIL. Is that while they fight Assad? Who Vetted these groups and just exactly how did they do that? They didn’t and can’t. Do we need more American arms in Iraq and Syria? ISIL already has US made tanks.

I’m not against fighting ISIL, in fact I’m for it. But I’m tired of the not quite war mentality of our leadership. If we are to fight let’s get congress to declare the war then devote every available resource to fighting and ending the enemy for good, wherever and however long that takes.

While we are at it, how about closing our open border and stop importing our enemies. Just saying.

Now some of you might say, “JB, could President Obama say anything that you’d be happy with.” The answer is probably no. If President Obama made a statement I completely agreed with I would not for one second believe he’d follow through. I’d agree with the statement and add my reservations.