Mixed messages on ISIS or ISIL or is it IS

So, is ISIS a threat to the US or not? If you follow the White House and the Pentagon it would be very hard to tell. In another sign that this Administration is clueless they have in recent days continued to send out conflicting messages. Just a few days ago General Dempsey and Chuck Hagel were declaring ISIS a great threat. Now it seems after the White House played that down the defense side of the house has revised their assessment. Now it’s “if” ISIS becomes a threat to the homeland then we should do something. Why? Probably because the previous statements back the President into a corner where he would be forced to make a decision. In order to do this he would have to break away from his golf game and the very time consuming NFL regular season coming soon.

I do wonder about this statement.

Dempsey said that so far, there is no sign that the Islamic State militants are engaged in "active plotting against the homeland, so it’s different than that which we see in Yemen."

Umm… what about this video?


Ok I hear this guys is dead now and was just brash talk so I don’t suppose it matters.

Look folks, there are over 500 British citizens that have joined ISIS and as many as 50 Americans. But I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

(note: conflicted reports on how many Americans)


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