Ferguson MO and ZO’s thoughts

I think I’ll just post Alfonzo’s response.  It pretty much covers mine.

Ok maybe a couple of thoughts.

There are a couple of issues and each should be addressed separately. I don’t know why or how Michael Brown was shot.  So, that’s one particular issue and should be followed up. 

As to the riots?  No justification for destroying your own neighborhood. Hell I might understand this if it was directed at the city jail or police department building but local stores?  Nope it’s not about justice. 

Police Militarization:  I’m on the side of limiting the militarization of the local police forces.  They have forgotten their primary mission which is preservation of the peace.  They are the Hammer and everyone else becomes a nail. That doesn’t mean police shouldn’t have good equipment though.  I’m not sure why they didn’t stop the looters yet arrested reporters and protesters.

It’s interesting the in nearly every third world country and a few first world countries, the Military is trusted more than the police.  


2 thoughts on “Ferguson MO and ZO’s thoughts

  1. quote : “… for destroying your own neighborhood.” This makes it easier for future gentrification when the time comes. If the poor destroy their own community, then they have no money to replace or repair anything. Just my opinion.

    Thanks for the moderation.

  2. Strangely enough, in Japan it is reversed. The military is seen as a rigid top down organization that doesn’t listen to bottom up hierarchies, while the police is considered more of a negotiable sort that can be worked with.

    As for these looters, they probably combine Facebook/Android cellphone flash rioting techniques with other organized strategies. So essentially they may be shipping in from another town entirely, via the rail line, looting their stuff, and taking it back to their “town”. Regular tribal raiding system.

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