A country of no laws

Good people forsaken for the likes of bad.  Police get bad coverage and say screw it, defend yourselves.  Maybe they have a point.  I feel for those that are just bystanders.  If I owned a business there I would sure as hell leave town never to return. 

I’m sure this won’t change the way they vote though.

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)- Police presence is in question after St. Louis County and Missouri State Highway Patrol officers left the scene in Ferguson once looters began attacking businesses overnight.

Looks like the hug-fest didn’t quite work.

The rioting erupted after Thursday night’s and Friday’s peaceful protests that had followed Gov. Nixon’s appointment of state highway patrol led by Capt. Ron Johnson to oversee security and the subsequent relaxation of the previous heavy police presence and tactics. Mr. Johnson grew up in the area.

Some didn’t wait for the Police

Two store owners, standing outside their business holding guns, told Fox2Now.com that when they called 911, they were sent from one police agency to another, and got no response.

One of the owners, with a large black gun resting on his shoulder, told the station that police were lined up blocks from the looting, and did not engage looters making off with large boxes from these stores.

"There’s no police," he said. "We trusted the police to keep it peaceful; they didn’t do their job."

But then how could they when everyone was looking for a reason to find them guilty of abuse?

What a mess.


3 thoughts on “A country of no laws

  1. take those black clothes they wear away and put them back in police colors and back on the streets where they can protect and serve again. Perhaps that would be a start.

  2. The police are ordered away from the black looters intentionally. The same way they allow Code Pink to mob civilians in Californian, yet tell Tea Party people to disperse at once.

    It’s an intentional and systematic refrain.

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