Denial on border flood

Well if Harry Reid says the border is secure who can doubt it? 


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Tuesday asserted the southern border is secure despite the massive surge of illegal minors

“The border is secure,” he told reporters after the Senate Democrats’ weekly policy lunch. “[Sen.] Martin Heinrich [(D-N.M.)] talked to the caucus today. He’s a border state senator. He said he can say without any equivocation the border is secure.”


Reid said lawmakers need to worry less about border security and focus instead on President Obama’s $3.7 billion request to help process the tens of thousands of children from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador who have been apprehended on the border.


4 thoughts on “Denial on border flood

  1. Are you worried about communicable diseases crossing the border?

    My main worry is that terrorists and organized crime (drug trafficking) will use lax border security for their nefarious ends.

    The children per say do not pose a security threat.

    How about this idea. The US has a massive shortage of domestic children younger than 12 years old available for adoption (in part because of the number of welfare single moms who choose to take care of their own kids). As a result a large proportion of adopted American children are imported from foreign countries. Can some of the children crossing the border on their own be placed for adoption inside the US. Their birth parents have demonstrated inappropriate parenting. If parents knew they could loose custody of their kids by sending them to the US illegally through coyotes, less parents would send their children over the border.

    Your thoughts?

  2. We have many crisis taking place concurrently that are larger than this one and deserve more national attention.

    Which is pretty amazing when you think about it.

  3. Of course Communicable diseases are worrisome. Children swarming across the border are an economic threat. They cost money to feed, house and transport. They have health cost also.

    Will Drug traffickers and or terrorist use the children to exploit this US weakness? Umm, yeah.

    Do you think these parents truly care that much?

    Yes, there are numerous crises taking place all at the same time. Amazing or well planned?

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