Germany wins fourth World Cup

Did you watch the World Cup Final? I did. Now some complain that there wasn’t a score for 110% of the game. But it was a good match. Both teams were very hard to get inside of. Luckily the German goal that sealed the deal was a great pass and score. Since Germany was my second team (USA first of course) I couldn’t complain.


2 thoughts on “Germany wins fourth World Cup

  1. Congrats to Germany. I was rooting for Germany too. Germany contributes a lot to solving global challenges:
    –bails out financial crisis ridden countries
    –pays to stabilize the global financial system
    –pays transfer payments to poorer EU countries
    –large foreign aid budget
    –2nd largest troop contributor to Afghanistan; and open to a long term commitment to Afghanistan post 2014
    –one of the countries that persuaded Obama not to demand that the ANSF shrink from 353 thousand to 227 thousand (presumably so that Obama could help the Taliban and Al Qaeda decimate the Afghans)
    –significant contributions to other global security challenges such as Somalia, piracy, Balkans, Libya
    –leader in low CO2 emitting energy generating technologies
    –leader in global R&D and education
    –kick ass efficiency, creativity, product development, design in general

    What does Argentina contribute to the global commons?

    Oh I forgot. The Argentinian government borrows hundreds of billions of dollars and then defaults. Argentina regularly steals private property owned by Argentinians and foreigners inside Argentina. Argentina use to be a 1st world country in 1900, and has devolved into a third world country. Argentina use to contribute to global security, as a member of the anti-communist block. However, All that stopped in 2001. Argentina is now too broke to contribute to anything. Argentina, however, still demands massive international help. Got the entitlement thing down cold.

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