Immigration flood a Plan?

Illegal immigration is reaching a tipping point. Either we are a country of laws or we are not. I can’t tell you how this will turn out but I suspect that if the American people don’t make some key decisions about what they want this country to look like, the future doesn’t look good. When I say “what this country looks like”, I’m not talking about demographics. I’m talking about common sense laws. I’m talking about law enforcement regardless of political party and holding people accountable for their actions. If we decide the founding principles of this country don’t matter than I hope we are prepared for the consequences.

Immigration is a fine and sometime even noble concept. Do we want hard working people coming here for freedom and liberty, leaving oppression and tyranny behind? Of course but those that make this move must also abide by the ideas that make a free nation. It’s not chaos or who screams the loudest. Rules and processes must be in place and enforced. We now see an administration completely abandon the idea of a secure border. A flood is taking place and we look completely helpless and weak. Another wonderful sign to our enemies and allies alike. Of course that would assume we still have any allies.

Regardless of what you might hear in the media the real numbers are staggering. I recently talked with a person working the border in Texas and the actual numbers are in the tens of thousands a month just in his area alone. With the inability (through inaction) to quickly repatriate we have effectively opened the flood gates. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents are relegated to housing, feeding and tending to sickness rather than enforcing our laws. I don’t know enough of the CBP to give a blanket statement but I would assume most aren’t happy with the situation.

In the past you might have to bribe someone to get across now just walk on by. The Cartels and Gangs must be loving this hall pass. As US law Enforcement are distracted they are saving millions.

I wonder if the those who support this invasion really understand what will happen if this continues. Have they been to El Salvador, Guatemala or Mexico lately? Do we want our country to descend into the chaos that is south of the border? I feel for the peoples of these countries and would gladly help them in their own lands but not here. “But the children, we must help the children”. This is the continual rally cry. Really? Then lets help them in their own country. Not here. It’s not about the children it’s about fundamentally changing America.

Do we need immigration reform? Most likely. As a husband of an immigrant I’m not against immigration at all. But I know what it cost in time and money to follow the rules and laws of our land. I applaud the idea of streamlining this process. But I don’t endorse abandoning the legal process and opening the borders to anyone, anytime for any reason. If we don’t own our borders we don’t own our country.

We are being attacked. Not from poor immigrants but from within by those that wish to tear down this land. The immigrants are simply the tools by which these anti-Americans will assault the foundations of our country. When their usefulness is done they will be abandoned and the working people of our country will foot the bill once again. Now, understand they are not the only tools being applied. Many of our own citizens are also being used to great effect. Our laws are being applied selectively in order to coerce and manipulate the voting public into submission. We are being turned upon ourselves, fighting each other where no fight exists. The vial hate coming from the left all in the name of tolerance is amazing yet unchecked for the most part.

We twice voted for a President that surrounded himself with people who believe America is the enemy so we certainly can’t be too surprised at the current state of affairs.


6 thoughts on “Immigration flood a Plan?

  1. I read some posts from 2008, and they were deep in the anti Sarah Palin band wagon propaganda camp. They were heavily atomized. Yet they thought they had free will, free speech, and all that. People who drank the Left’s propaganda deeply about Iraq, terrorism, the economy, or Palin, thought they were free? They weren’t free.

    So it’s quite predictable about what happened on the Southern Border. The only question would be who would beat us there first. The Islamic Jihadists. The drug cartels. Mexican corrupt military and nationalists. Or the US Regime. Obviously migrant workers beat everyone there first, but they don’t count as a power player.

    So many things, that so many US voters have no clue about. Yet the slaves think they are free and can freely “choose” to steer America… somewhere. They’re living nothing but a dream, that will soon become night mare.

  2. Sadly some of the organized crime violence in Latin America is crossing the border into California. This has to be fought.

    If children cross the border illegally; their parents should know that they could lose legal custody and their children might be adopted by American families.The kids would be better off. And adoption would become cheaper for tens of thousands of American families.

  3. The best way to help Latin American countries is “trade, not aid.”

    End all restrictions on imports from Latin America. End all restrictions on business collaboration and investment between America and Latin America.

    US foreign aid to Latin America should focus primarily on the education system–which boosts organic Latin American growth over the long run.

  4. Aid of any kind must be attached to actions. Trade when used correctly can be very useful. However simple trading for cheap products doesn’t necessarily help us.

  5. Y, the way we use AID I agree. However if AID were tied to actions that actually support the US it would be useful. Today it’s more about payoffs then influence.

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