Immigration (illegal type), Facebook, Hobby Lobby

Some thoughts on various items this week

Illegal immigration: I was in Texas a short time ago and talked with a person very involved in the situation on the Texas border. The gist of the discussion was that our borders are wide open and our politicians are actively preventing those tasked with border security. The frustration was palatable. While the individual was careful not to point at any specific political party or individual it was obvious he wasn’t talking about Bushes immigration policy.

I’ve been touching on this issue here and there the past six months or so. For what appear to be political reasons we have encouraged the illegal migration of people across our borders. This has created a crises in the border regions and now we are moving them to a neighborhood near you.

So, the question I have is do we want our country to turn into a third world nation? If so, then by all means lets continue this open border policy. If not you might want stand up and say enough. I’ve been in many third world nations and they suck. I mean suck badly.


Facebook experimentation: Ok, if you didn’t already get the hint that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook is not your friend take a look at the Facebook experiments. Without anyone’s consent Facebook decided to conduct some Psychological experiment with the users. The researchers wanted to find out if emotions were contagious. So they manipulated the feeds you saw. Freaking nice huh? So, when the mentally disturbed kid goes off the deep and because he was forced fed a particular idea just blame guns not the liberal ass-clowns at Facebook. I don’t have a Facebook account. I did at one time however I noticed years ago that there were a whole lot of things going on behind the scenes. We all know many companies monitor what we look at and I don’t mind that necessarily, but Facebook takes it to a new level. Granted it’s competing with Google.  However, this is not about using your information this is about manipulating you.

Eli the Computer Guy has a good video on this at

Hobby Lobby ruling: Holy cow, the left went bat-shit crazy over this ruling. This is about Hobby Lobby not being forced to pay for all 20 Birth Control methods. Because paying for 16 Isn’t enough for some. Luckily for us that great conservative Bill Clinton signed The Religious Freedom and Restoration Act. A couple of articles from “The Week”.


2 thoughts on “Immigration (illegal type), Facebook, Hobby Lobby

  1. My chosen method of counter attack would be to raise the Kendall issue. The Facebook Leftist activist operatives are tasked with taking her back from safari, disarming her, and putting her back in the kitchen.

    Then they dare say we need to think as they tell us to, on Hobby Lobby, cause obviously Hobby Lobby is more dangerous than Kendall on Safari.

    Most people contest strength with strength, and thus against the power of the Left, they lose. When they learn how to use indirect power, internal power, judo or using the enemy’s power (Sun Tzu’s Art of War), things will work better.

    But until then, I await the Day of Retribution.

    As for your point on Facebook, JB…

    Some number of years ago I learned that the Leftist psychologists were implanting false memories of child molestation in the memories of their female patients, in order to distance their subjects from their parents and cause child molestation charges to be brought. This was about the 1980s, when a rash of child molestation charges were brought up by regressive therapy. This is similar to how the Left infiltrated various homosexual activists and Leftists into the Roman Catholic Church. 30-60 years, the predictable happened.

    So when it comes to psychological defenses, I’ve voluntarily conditioned myself in various resistance protocols, but that would look very crazy to people living in 2008 America. Funny though, we live in 2014 US Regime instead.

    Also the Left is very good at reprogramming the Kendalls and making sex slaves. Reference the issue of Patricia Hearst. The true story is slightly different from what the retards reported back then. Same is true for the Kitty NY case.

    People either found it hard to believe or refused to, when I said the Left is here to enslave humanity. It’s not about politics per say. Perhaps when the Leftist alliance deploys 50% of their strategic assets in the US, it will be easier for people to believe, assuming any are left.

  2. In terms of mental fortitude, I believe it is equal to SERE or above, in terms of tools in the toolbox. Although I focus on Eliminating the enemy, rather than Escaping. Evasion is still included, of course.

    In order to adapt many of these things to civilian life, certain modifications must be made. Meaning, people often live in the White zone of being surprised at violence. They don’t live at the yellow zone where violence is expected or predicted. Frontsight has a few good articles on color coded awareness and situational levels.

    Hypnosis, on the level of what they use in parties to make a person dance around like a chicken, is a very light form of Suggestion. But NLP, Linguistic Language Programming, is very close to mind control, using conversational methods. Normally, the internet being text based, it lacks much bandwidth to control people’s minds. That’s why the propaganda is omnipresent, totally front loaded via community awareness and activism (Common Core) so that “multiple pipes” are used to disseminate information.

    I liken it to taking a busted up gun or car, and then customizing it for modern modifications. Changing the stock tires or stock grip. Changing the rail or body system. Except I’m not working on a gun or a car, I’m working on my own mental system.

    In order to setup defenses to NLP and various other things, certain things are needed, like a basic competency in the tools you defend against. Although certain other people are naturally resistant to Suggestion, Authority, and sweet talking confidence artists.

    This is what they call, the “crazy stuff”. But it shouldn’t surprise people that Hussein himself uses a form of linguistic programming in his “hypnotic” speech tones. Hypnotist doctors, that aren’t Democrat loyalists, have commented on it being unethical for someone to use hypnotic techniques without a license or the subject being aware of it. Other people, the anti Husseins, are either naturally resistant or they just plan don’t like it, because they know they are being manipulated.

    For me, the defense is both unconscious and conscious. In order to fight hypnosis, I setup counter hypnotic commands that destroy the belief in authority. Without authority, hypnotic commands lost much of their will erasing nature.

    As a result, though, I pop up as an “outlier” on social media, and the nail that stands out gets hammered first. Which is why it is easier to avoid such things, evade them, and lay low. Because even if such analysis systems cannot influence or control me, without some strong combined forces, it can still tally my existence and note it.

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