Soccer fans until they’re not

Ok the American World Cup Team have been stopped.  I’m surprised they made as far as they did.  Now, that’s a happy surprise.  I like soccer.  I would love to see a Male American team that was always world class and in fact I think we are there. 

The critics of Soccer are pretty funny to listen to.  Many claim American football is a better sport, more manly.  I say, not hardly.  American football is now filled with fat overrated turds.  Not all of course but lets face it soccer and rugby players for that matter can run circles around most football players and eat a snickers bar while doing it.  Add to that the acting ability in soccer players to feign injury is untouched by football players. Smile   Now don’t get me wrong, I like football too. 

Others critics say soccer is boring.  I wonder though compared to what? American baseball.  Come on, 9 innings of boringness is the definition of baseball.  If your not at the ball park with a beer in hand I’m not sure what the attraction is. 

Maybe that is the key, it’s not about the sport per se but the socializing aspect of sports and sports fans.  So, really any sport can be fun to watch.  Even American ninja when drinking a cold one. 

Now of course soccer will go back to the fringes of American sports until the next world cup. I suppose that’s ok since we already have a couple thousand sports channels to watch anyway. Now where’s that bowling channel again?


Oh and now forced to root for Germany… Family thing.


4 thoughts on “Soccer fans until they’re not

  1. I linked that on my blog a few years ago. It was either after or before my after action analysis of what happens to figure skating partners that have performance mistake based accidents. Although no such accident happens there.

    But it was probably before, since this kind of video would get me thinking on such topics.

    The performance was top notch, by my judgment. A synthesis of different attributes and roles.

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