The Iraq implosion

imageISIS (Islamic State of Iraq / Syria) has mounted one heck of an offensive.  in just a few days they have taken control of some key cities in Iraq like Mosul and Takrit. It’s assumed that the ISIS will meet more resistance as it nears Baghdad. 

In the mean time the Kurds have taken Kirkuk, a city they have claimed as theirs for a long time. I wonder if ISIS wants to mess with the Peshmerga?  I would like to see that. I don’t think it will be the same as facing the Iraqi Army.  The Peshmerga are the only ones I would openly support at this time.  Anyone who’s traveled into north can instantly tell there is something very different going on in Kurdish areas of Iraq.  It works there, unlike the rest of the country. 

What does it all mean?  Iraq is still a country with deep sectarian hatred.  This probably won’t go away anytime soon.  Outsiders from Saudi Arabia and Iran don’t help matters either.  So, until we get a competent National Security Team in place I say let it play out.  If we’re lucky the Shia’s and Sunni’s will destroy each other and the Kurds will take over. 


9 thoughts on “The Iraq implosion

  1. The commander of ISIS the brutal thug Abu Baker Al- Baghdadi is the new version of Bin Laden ,he is a threat to the whole region Specially Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

  2. jmsabbagh, why Saudi and Qatar? Isn’t Abu Baker a Sunni and his movement in Iraq and Syria against Iranian influence and the Shia authority?

  3. My sources say ISIL was thrown out of the Jihad alliance for attacking fellow rebels in Syria. Which might mean they were killing Sunnis, not just Shia or Syria’s forces.

    Also some rumours were heard that the head of ISIL was someone Hussein released from an Iraqi jail in 2009. Or what I would assume was Hussein’s doing, so the captive was there for 4 or so years.

  4. The US should support the Iraqi Army with training, advise and combat enablers. This support should be conditioned on the Iraqi Army recruiting large numbers of Sunni Arab and Kurdish officers and NCOs.

    I am stunned that the US did not provide the Iraqis an air bridge and logistical support.

    The remaining Iraqi Army units in Northern Iraq (Tal Afar for example) and Western Iraq have not been resupplied since early June. They are gradually falling apart.

  5. ISIS’s caliph gives open air speeches to crowds in Mosul, and talks about attacking Rome next year. Whatever you might think about the Iraqi Army and IMoD, they are better than ISIL.

    Why don’t you support American assistance for the ISF? Even modest amounts of help would make a big difference.

  6. ANAN the US was completely willing, well actually I don’t know what President Obama wanted, but the SOFA agreement that Iraq wouldn’t meet hurt them.

    I’m not against support of the ISF. I’m against support without conditions. Maliki is not our friend and until he moves in a direction that supports our interests I’m not interested in him.

    Now the Kurds I’ll support anytime.

    As to ISIS’s plan to take over the world, well it’s pretty ambitious. I say let them attack Rome and maybe Europe will wake up.

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