BIll and Hillary poor leaving white house huh?

Hillary Clinton was ‘dead broke’ leaving White House despite more than $780,000 in assets

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed poverty drove her to the public speaking circuit and said after her husband’s White House stints, the family was “dead broke,” in debt up to their ears.

Right out of the White House, the Clintons bought a $1.6 million Dutch colonial mansion in Westchester for $1.7 million and a $2.85 another colonial mansion on Embassy Row in Washington.

Interestingly enough that home had been listed at $3.5 million, but the Clintons always have a way of getting a “good deal”.

It had five bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. (The New York one only had four bathrooms.) Just the sort of thing working people pick up on the side so that Hillary would have a place in D.C. to write her memoirs. (Her other memoirs, which she also didn’t write.)

Poor ?  “you keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means.” 

Wait a minute.  I think I understand now.

Definition of poor (adj)

Bing Dictionary

  • poor
  • [ poor ]
  1. not rich: lacking money or material possessions
  2. affected by poverty: characterized by widespread or evident poverty
  3. inferior: not of good quality or not in good condition

Well yes they may qualify by that last definition.


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