Leave no man behind

The term “leave no man behind”, is sure thrown around a lot these days. It’s a good thing all these people who have never served a day in the military have taken on so many military concepts. If only they understood what the concepts and terms actually mean. No military member believes that you leave no man behind at all cost. The concept is that you will do all you can to bring your soldiers home short of giving up information or personnel that will hurt your overall national interests or security. In other words we will go to any length to hunt down their captors and rescue them while killing every one of those bastards. We’ll expand as much political pressure as we have available to get you released. We will risk our lives to bring you back. But we will not surrender to get you home. Sorry that’s not part of the deal.

So when you hear the civilian warriors tell you how committed to bringing our soldiers home remember, they have no idea what they are talking about. It’s just BS politics.


2 thoughts on “Leave no man behind

  1. It’s just hypocrisy. They aren’t bringing the Americans trapped in Sudan or Qatar back home. They weren’t going to bring the Marine in Mexican jail home.

  2. Someone should have asked HRC this concerning what difference it made in Benghazi.

    “What difference would it make when Chelsea is the one being left for dead in Libya?”

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