American POW exchange


Taliban Prisoner Swap Frees U.S. Soldier

WASHINGTON — The lone American prisoner of war from the Afghan conflict, captured by insurgents nearly five years ago, has been released to American forces in exchange for five Taliban prisoners held at the Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, detention facility, Obama administration officials said Saturday.

I’m happy that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been released. I’m sure his family is very relieved and one can’t help but feel good about that.

But at what cost?  Perhaps this administration was planning on releasing the Guantanamo prisoners anyway. This of course goes against one of the longest standing policies we’ve had.  We don’t negotiate with terrorist.  Why do we have the policy? It’s not complicated.  If we negotiate it only encourages more kidnappings worldwide.


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6 Responses to “American POW exchange”

  1. ymarsakar Says:

    Soon the US will be doing what Israel does for their Jewish soldiers. Trading 1000 hardened and trained killers for the dead bodies of 2 tortured and eviscerated Americans.

  2. Brad Says:

    VA issue?…hey look over there!!!

  3. JB Says:

    I don’t think this one will turn out quite like the administration thought it would. I don’t believe it will deflect from the VA and I don’t believe it will be supported by most people. The Media isn’t following the narrative as usual. Perhaps they understand just how bad this all has become. Not likely but maybe. In general I think this will turn into a political disaster. This administration is falling apart.

  4. ymarsakar Says:

    Dictators do the craziest things when it starts falling apart, however.

  5. ymarsakar Says:

    It appears that Congress claims there were actual American prisoners held in Pakistan that this deal undercut.

    But Krauthammer is acting up, as usual. That DC toxin is really making him spineless. And clueless.

  6. JB Says:

    I like Krauthammer but he is hit and miss with me. I think his time inside the beltway hurts his analysis. Although overall I like most of what he says. I do think he’s wrong on this issue.

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