Trey Gowdy has some questions on Bengahzi

Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) asks the media some questions about Benghazi.


2 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy has some questions on Bengahzi

  1. The faux outrage that the left had when the CIA secretary was ‘outed’ is a prime reason that we should follow this through to whatever facts come up. People were held responsible for that ridiculous act and nobody even lost their life. Now we have four dead Americans, one of them an Ambassador. I do not feel that my Government would have my back if I was in a dire situation if it was not politically expedient. The tenet that we follow, ‘no man left behind’, is one of the reasons we can go into battle and do the jobs we have to do. Without this tenet, we second guess every decision that gets made. People that make life and death decisions from the comfort of an office, surrounded by the families that will never have to face an enemy’s wrath, need to think long and hard on their lack of support of the troops and diplomats they leave to die on the battlefield for their freedoms. I detest these cowards.

  2. Watch this guy have an accident, or his family kidnapped and ransomed.

    I’ve far past the point of holding contempt for enemies of humanity. They aren’t human to begin with. Thus I would feel about the same when I step on an ant. What’s the problem, there’s giga trillions more where that came from. So the same is with the Left’s hydra regen.

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