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It’s been a busy time. Granted, that’s not a good excuse for the laps in posting. But in truth, I don’t know if I have much more to say. The fears I had of this administration appear to be coming true and even many of the vast Obama supporters are feeling discouraged. The Republican party still hasn’t gotten its collective *&(* together. The news media continues to report on their own issues and very little on the actual events around the US let alone around the world. If we could only get the personalities off the news. One can dream right?

Internet forums and comments:

Occasionally, I run across a forum or comments that truly engage readers and inform us on various subjects. I suppose that’s one of the advantages of the internet. Of course you must wade through tons partisan and ignorant rants to find those few kernels of information. There are many blogs and forums where I’ve picked up a lot on history from those with opposing views yet still put out good facts. It is time consuming however.


I suggest a closer look into the Mexican drug war and general situation in Mexico and our border then ask yourselves why we aren’t hearing more about this tragedy in our daily news. This is not to advocate any particular slant on the border or immigrations or security, but rather to build a real understanding of the issue which is almost never talked about in the news.

I was going to post a longer piece on this issue but work got in the way. However the information is out there.


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