What are they training for now?

Attorney General Eric Holder asks congress for $15 million dollars for active shooter training.


Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. urged Congress on Tuesday to approve $15 million in funding for “active shooter” training for law enforcement officers in light of the recent shootings at Fort Hood and a Jewish community center in Kansas.

Law-Enforcement-Rifle-1What the hell is happening to us?  There not training for active shooters now?  Freaking amazing.  And with a straight face too.

I’m not against good training for Law Enforcement but isn’t this a core competency?  You know, why we have police. 


One thought on “What are they training for now?

  1. Just as the military is forced to stop training due to the lack of maintenance parts, fuel, and ammunition allotted, so the same is for LEOs.

    Infamous video tape of that DEA agent trying to instruct gun safety or anti gun crime over at a school, had a little accidental discharge into his pants-leg with his glock.

    The key deficiencies are the absence of adrenaline, small motor muscle fatigue, or leading against moving targets training. That comes mostly from the police departments funding Democrat controlled SWAT teams, over providing a basic and comprehensive range requirement for officers and subordinates. Most of the firearms training is taken out of the pocket of the police members themselves, if they wish to improve marksmanship. The Marine and Army marksmanship courses are almost always superior.

    The police also lacks the ROE restrictions of the military, in that police are now taught that anyone who isn’t wearing the uniform or a police vest, is a criminal or a citizen that is a threat. That makes it a lot easier to gun down innocents in raids and various other offensive tiered operations like WACO or Ruby Ridge. Back then it might be rationalized as just one or two psychopaths around. Now a days, they have SWAT teams go into an animal shelter, shoot a deer, and confiscate the deer corpse. That’s “loyalty” conditioning there.

    Every once in a while, a retired LEO will talk about how this isn’t the case with their department or how this isn’t true because the LEO had performance back in their day. Yea, back in their day, outside the cities, perhaps. Modern death squad training and enforcement procedures for a Democrat Regime is slightly different.

    I suspect Holder is merely trying to fund his own civilian security force, for some ulterior purpose. Police departments could refuse checks from the DHS for their para military squads, and divert the union money towards better firearms training.

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